English Language Course

As we know the English language has become the primary language of many countries now; it is in fact, the International Common Tongue. According to Harvard Business Review, there is over 1 billion population around the world that can communicate in English. Being a dominant language around the world, it also plays an essential part in the field of Education. Most of the top-notch subjects, research and studies are in English to keep one common ground for language.

Keeping in mind the global trend of the language, we run an exclusive ‘Dictionary Programme’ to help the students in acquiring verbal language skills naturally. Our methodology is is enshrined in the fact that ‘Seeing is believing’. The traditional ‘chalk and talk’ method of teaching that’s persisted for hundreds of years is now acquiring inferior results when compared with the more modern and revolutionary teaching methods that are available for use in schools today.
Greater student interaction is encouraged, the boundaries of authority are being broken down, and a focus on enjoyment over grades is emphasised. Our Language Teaching puts much of the emphasis on the need for real life objects, pictures, videos or texts to give uthenticity to the communicative situation: Non native speakers (both inside the classroom and outside the classroom) make use of the here and now objects in the immediate environments.